Commendation Awards!

This week we have honoured all those who have made a significant contribution to road safety at the 2019 Lancashire Road Safety Commendation Awards!

Pictured: 2019 award winners

This is the first time these awards have run and the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership recognised 9 different nominees across 5 categories. Thank you to all the partners who took the time to recognise the great work we have going on in Lancashire.

Private Sector Award

Across the country there are a number of individuals working tirelessly to spread road safety messages and make road users safer. We have got one of these companies doing national work who are based right here in Lancashire.

The nomination said: The team have continually educated road safety professionals, child care providers, parents and businesses in order to improve in-car safety for our children. What started as a vison for two individuals from Lancashire has now become a nationally recognised industry leader through their own commitment, drive and belief in the work that they carry out. The team are experienced in the advice that they deliver and do so in a friendly and approachable manner to get across serious messages without making parents feel inept.

In recognition of continual education to improve in-car safety for our children:

Claire Waterhouse

Julie Dagnall

Partnership Project Awards

This category recognised two very different projects which have been successfully delivered in Lancashire due to the commitment of the teams involved.

This first winner is a true example of Partnership working across the county.

The nomination said: Senior Road User Workshops have been developed by a multi-agency team to address specific risks and behaviours contributing to casualties in this age group and promote lifelong safe and independent travel. The multi-agency delivery team have represented the Partnership to the highest standard, working together to save lives and motivate older residents of Lancashire to take action themselves to improve road safety. Attendees have commented – “Friendly, informative and learned quite a lot from this wonderful event/course”

In recognition of commitment and contribution to Lancashire’s Senior Road Users Workshops:

Angela Johnson, Inspector Andy Trotter, Clare Burscough, Jackie Brindle, Sergeant John Jennings-Wharton, Karen Timperley, Rhiannon Leeds, Shaun Keane, Vivien Clayton


The second partnership project award goes to a group of individuals who have successfully implemented a national initiative reaching over 400 motorcyclists.

The nomination said: BikeSafe is aimed at delivering additional skills to motorcyclists to encourage safer riding and deliver first aid training in order to reduce casualties amongst this vulnerable group of road users. The teams commitment at shows and events has built bridges and broken down barriers with the motorcycling community which is a usually hard to reach group. The dedication of the team has been absolutely paramount to its success. Volunteering their Sundays has been the biggest commitment, not to mention the ‘behind the scenes’ planning aspect. Riders who have been on the course have said how genuine the delivery is and how helpful all the team have been when asking questions on all different aspects of the course. This can only lead to safer riders on our roads.

In recognition of commitment and contribution to Lancashire’s BikeSafe Workshops:

Inspector Andy Trotter, Sgt Finn Quainton, Chief Inspector Dave Mangan, Sgt Tracey Ward, PC Neil Rowley, PC Jon Moody, PC Matt Leigh, Pete Sculpher, Nadia Horrocks, Chris Veevers, Ceryl Pickstock, Dave Sammons, Hannah Dootson, David Little, Bob Bryne, Marc Proctor, Steve Ingle, Phil McEntee

Individual Contribution Awards

This award recognised two individuals who have made a continued contribution to some major road safety projects in Lancashire.

The nomination said: None of this would have been possible without the time and effort that Gary has devoted to this project; we are extremely proud of Gary’s many achievements and this latest initiative purely serves to evidence his ongoing dedication to reducing road casualties.

Lara is friendly, approachable and her ability to communicate on all levels is testament to her knowledge, use of initiative and strategic planning. She is a vital asset to the partnership, promoting cohesion and collaborative working, whilst delivering road safety initiatives and value for money.

In recognition of dedication and commitment to making Lancashire’s roads safer:

Gary Makin

Lara Jones

Continued Contribution Award

We recognise that there are a number of individuals across the county who have made a very real difference to road safety in Lancashire and these two awards recognised that.

The nomination said: Andrews ability to make complex data accesible and understandable to non analysts has been recognised internationally. His work underpins the development of partnership activity, ensuring that it is as successful as it can be. Andrew is a self-confessed road safety data geek, but genuinely, without his willingness to improve the wider partnership team, it wouldn’t be where it is today.

In recognition of his dedication and commitment to making Lancashire’s roads safer with an evidence led approach:

Andrew Wright


The second continued contribution award actually goes to two people. These two individuals have spent the last 8 years ensuring road safety is embedded into everything they do.

The nomination said: The Look for Lewis campaign was initiated by Kevin and his wife Jacqui not long after the death of their son. The campaign has always focused on all road users not just one group and the family have shared information about their personal circumstances in a bid to help others. Outside of his work, Kevin and his family have continually run fundraising and events as part of the Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund, in Lewis’ memory, to support up and coming cyclists into competitions and training. Without their commitment and versatile suppport the campaigns would not be the success that they are now.

In recognition of their continued dedication and commitment to making Lancashire’s roads safer:

Kevin Balyckyi

Jacqui Balyckyi

Lifetime Commitment Award

Our final award was to recognise an individual who really has dedicated a lifetime to road safety.

The nomination said: Irene Reid started work as a school crossing patrol on Berry Lane, Longridge on 17th March 1969, and has been recognised as the longest serving school crossing patrol in the UK. She has crossed several generations of many families in Longridge, including her own daughter, granddaughter and now her great grandson. She is well known and loved by children, parents and teachers at Longridge Primary School, always says hello to everyone and remembers the names of pupils even after they have moved on to high school.

Thank you for 50 years of service to road safety in Lancashire.

In recognition of a lifetime dedication and commitment to keeping generations of Lancashire’s school children safe:

Irene Reid


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