The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership is the coordinating body for Lancashire, Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool which aims to reduce road casualties through the management of speed, enforcement, engineering, emergency response, driver education and training and through developing collaborative approaches to education, awareness, engagement and other measures.

All the partners are committed to working together to reduce casualties on Lancashire’s roads and make people feel safe. 

A lot of the work we do is based on vulnerable road users and the key areas across the county where there is the greatest need for our input.

You can find out data on the place where you live using the Lancashire Insight information available here. 

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership is made up of:

  • Partner 1
  • Partner 2
  • Partner 3
  • Partner 4
  • Partner 5
  • Partner 6
  • Partner 7
  • Partner 8

Our History

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership began in 2001 as part of the Department for Transport’s National Safety Camera Programme with the principle aim of helping achieve the Government’s 2010 casualty reduction targets.
Ten years on and the 2010 targets were met and exceeded but the number of people killed and seriously injured on Lancashire’s roads is still too high.

The government produced a new Strategic Framework for Road Safety in May 2011 which set out the role of Government in contributing to Road Safety. In line with this, Lancashire Road Safety Partnership’s ‘Towards Zero” strategy is working to reduce road casualties across the county. Click here to read our strategy.

The campaigns we run will cover road safety topics with an extra emphasis on vulnerable road user groups.

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