Back to school September

Pupils across Lancashire will return to school this week and as we enter the beginning of the autumn term we want to remind all road users to take that extra bit of care.

Not only will the roads get busier over the next week or so but the evenings will start to get darker so please look out for each other.

In preparation for this there are a few things all road users can do:

Take care – remind young ones of the rules of the road (you can find extra info in our resources section here). You could do this on a practice journey to school – remember to look out for the safest places to cross and use crossings when they are available. Your school might even have a school crossing patrol when term starts again.

Plan ahead – if you’re driving to school remember to check you have car seats that are suitable for the weight and height of the child. Children under the age of 12 or 135cms should be in a suitable car seat. Never stop on zig zags outside schools.

Be safe – if you’re cycling, scooting or skating please wear a helmet. Don’t forget to check your bike is roadworthy.

Be seen – where possible wear bright coloured, fluorescent or reflective clothing (or accessories like school bags) to help other road users see you.

Be alert – distractions are dangerous, avoid using headphones or mobile phones when walking or cycling.

Throughout the year the partners that make up the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership deliver road safety education to all ages, a lot of work is done in schools to ensure our young road users are road safe. Together we can make Lancashire’s roads safer for all.

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