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Brain injury charity campaigns to keep children safe on county’s roads

Brain injury charity Headway Preston and Chorley is teaming up with the Mayor of Preston Councillor Trevor Hart to keep children safe on Lancashire’s roads.

Every week on average 12 children aged five and under are injured or killed on Lancashire’s roads.

The campaign Be Seen Be Safe aims to teach primary school children, their parents and relatives about being seen when walking to and from school, when crossing roads or cycling.

Participating schools will be offered high-visibility vests and take-home leaflets for children and their parents, with messages on how to cross the road properly at a safe place and why it’s important not to use a mobile phone outdoors when in charge of a child.

Liz Bamber, manager of Headway Preston and Chorley said: “We are passionate about reducing brain injuries and we are hoping that this campaign will help prevent more instances of brain and traumatic injuries in children on our county’s roads”.

“We are grateful for the funding from Glenn Slater contractors and Councillor Mark Perks Campion for Young people, and we are proud to work alongside the mayor of Preston Councillor Trevor Hart who has kindly made Headway Preston and Chorley his charity of the year.

Mayor of Preston Councillor Hart said, ‘I am delighted to be part of this campaign and help to keep Children safe on our roads. School children are so vulnerable during these dark nights and early mornings when walking to school. The campaign be seen be safe funded by Glenn Slater in partnership with Headway is fantastic and will go a long way in raising the profile and keeping children safe on our roads. I am delighted as Mayor of Preston to fully support this campaign.

The main funding and production of leaflets and vests has been kindly funded and provided by Glenn Slater Contractors. County Councillor Mark Perks Champion for Young people has also awarded the project a grant of £1000.00.

Managing Director, Glenn Slater said, ‘We are more than happy to work with Headway and the Mayor of Preston Councillor Trevor Hart, in providing support to this worthy cause. I have worked with Headway and other healthcare professionals as a specialist adaptation contractor and am more than aware of the impact brain injuries can have on both the individual and family. I strongly believe the scheme will reduce the occurrence of injuries, and as such any contribution will be money well spent’

According to Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, every week on average 12 children aged 0-5 are injured or killed on the roads in Lancashire, Blackburn and Blackpool.

· 68% of children 0-15 killed or seriously injured on the roads are pedestrians.

· A significant number of young children pedestrians’ casualties were accompanied by an adult at the time they were killed

· The most common cause of children being killed or seriously injured on the roads is a child stepping or running out into the road suddenly into the path of a vehicle.

· There are 100’s of near misses that are not recorded.

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