Belmont Average Speed

At the beginning of 2017 it was announced by the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership that eight routes across Lancashire would be installed with average speed cameras in a bid to reduce road casualties.

All of the average speed routes are part of an ongoing evaluation that will last at least another 12 months. This means that the team have been able to make tweaks to the routes where necessary and will continue to do so where it is felt improvements can be made.

The A675 route has shown a marginal increase in speeds through Belmont village after the removal of the static camera housing so additional cameras will be placed through the village from 4th March 2019. Speeds through the rest of the route including through Abbey Village show good compliance and a reduction in speeds.

Residents local to this route have already commented ‘the road is much safer and fairly rare to see overtaking in dangerous places. Long may it continue’. We hope that these updates to the route will further improve safety for all road users.

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