Blackburn Car Seat Checks

Between the 28th and 31st August 2018, a series of child seat safety events were held. These were undertaken at some of the local Children’s Centres, local car seat stockists, and through police enforcement checks; all offering help and advice to families who attended on the day. 

Of all the checks made over the 4 days, Car Seat Safety Limited found an overall incorrect fitting rate of 91%. This involved a combination of both the seat being fitted incorrectly and the seat not suitable for the child.

Rhiannon Leeds, Lancashire Road Safety Partnership Coordintor said: “Despite a few dangerous errors in seat fitting, thankfully most of them were minor issues to correct. This is really common across the country and we would urge anyone using car seats to please check both the fitting of the seat to the car but also it’s suitability for the child’s height and weight.

“The most common errors at the Blackburn Check It Event included some simple adjustments that made the seat safer for the child, for example tightening the child’s harness, moving the head restraint and straightening the seatbelt. All these aspects whilst seemingly innocent can stop the seat working to the best of its ability in the event of a crash.”


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