Speeding Thresholds

Speed awareness courses can be offered within the following speed thresholds subject to further eligibility criteria and the Chief Constable’s discretion:

  • 30up to 42
  • 40up to 53
  • 50up to 64
  • 60up to 75
  • 70up to 86

National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme

The courses listed below are all nationally approved alternatives to prosecution.

National Speed Awareness Course

The Speed Awareness Course is designed to bring the issues relating to speed to people’s attention. Lancashire Constabulary can refer eligible drivers detected speeding to the course. Completion of this course is a direct alternative to prosecution resulting from excess speed.

The course covers why people speed, what difference speed makes, what could happen if you speed, how to recognise the speed limit, hazard perception and defensive driving strategies.

Speed awareness is a 2 hour 45 minute course, which can be taken online or in a classroom. The course currently costs £88 in Lancashire.


National Seat Belt Course

Your Belt Your Life is a nationally approved online course for motorists committing seat belt offences (there is an alternative workbook solution for those unable to access a computer and/or the internet). The course can take as little as 30 minutes and costs £54.

This is a national course aimed at influencing a motorist’s behaviour through a series of interactive scenarios to help them make safer choices.

National Motorway Awareness Course

This course may be offered to those motorists driving on motorways, who have been detected exceeding the active variable speed limit (as electronically displayed) or who have passed through a mandatory red X lane closure signal, and also for infringements occurring on hard shoulders and emergency refuge areas.

The course aims to increase awareness of smart motorway laws and to make motorways safer and more efficient, providing a better experience for people who use them and work on them.

An online or classroom based course lasting 3 hours, in Lancashire currently costs £88.

National What’s Driving Us Course

This course is offered to motorists committing one of a variety of minor motoring offences including not in position to have proper control of vehicle, going through red traffic lights and aggressive tailgating.

What’s Driving Us is an online or classroom based session lasting 3 hours and currently costs £88 in Lancashire. The course aim is to produce safer and more responsible attitudes towards driving and to increase motivation to drive with consideration for other road users.

National Safe and Considerate Driving Course

This course can be offered to motorists with a valid driving licence (including provisional) committing offences that constitute driving without due care and attention, control or consideration, including those resulting in minor collisions.

The aim of Safe and Considerate Driving  is to create safer communities by increasing the likelihood that

The aim is to educate motorists to drive in line with the Highway Code; increasing their understanding of causes, negative consequences and the importance of concentration, observation, anticipation, allowing adequate space and time and to improve the motorists driving behaviour and skills through practical, personalised on road coaching.

This course is delivered in two parts: an online or classroom theory session lasting 3 hours, followed by a separate 4 hour practical session with an approved driving instructor on a 2:1 ratio. In Lancashire this course currently costs £155.

National Rider Risk Awareness Course

The course clarifies the sources of risk to riders and identifies ways that they can reduce that risk through behaviour change. The principle aim is to reduce clients’ high risk riding behaviour, and seeks to prevent a client from experiencing the likely negative consequences of risky riding, such as road traffic collisions or loss of licence.

The course is suitable for recreational/leisure riders and commuters, as well courier and delivery riders whose riding behaviour has brought them to the attention of the police with a wide range of offences triggering referral.

The course lasts 3 hours and can be taken online. The current cost in Lancashire is £88.


Open to all riders, BikeSafe is a national course run by police forces across the UK. A full day course covering aspects such as filtering, cornering, road positioning followed by first aid and an observed ride.

To book on a BikeSafe course visit the BikeSafe website

If you are a resident in Lancashire and decide to complete further training after completing a BikeSafe course the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership will fund 50% of this training.

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