Highway Code Updates

An update from the government website on The Highway Code changes

The government have announced updates to The Highway Code.

Rules for drivers and motorcyclists (89 to 102)

Updated Rule 91 to ensure readers understand:

  • drivers need to get sufficient sleep before a long journey
  • emergency areas and hard shoulders on motorways are not to be used for rest breaks in the event of driver sleepiness
  • information exists in Rule 262 on appropriate places to take a break when travelling on motorways

Updated Rule 97 to ensure readers understand:

  • drivers MUST have a valid licence and insurance
  • vehicles MUST be in a legal and roadworthy condition
  • basic vehicle maintenance and safety checks should be carried out before drivers set off
  • sufficient vehicle fuel or charge is required for each planned journey
  • for emergency use, drivers are recommended to take a charged mobile telephone, containing emergency numbers, and high-visibility clothing

Updated Rule 98 to ensure readers understand:

  • reduced speed limits may apply when towing
  • it may take longer to build up speed when towing
  • trailers must be in a roadworthy condition, including tyres, lights and brakes
  • drivers may need to use towing mirrors when towing
  • vehicles which are towing should not be using the outside lanes on motorways
  • trailers are required by law to be fitted with a secondary coupling device
  • further information is available about safe towing practices

General rules, techniques and advice for all drivers and riders (103 to 158)

Updated Rule 124 to add images and ensure readers understand:

  • speed limits for motorhomes and motor caravans
  • speed limits for buses or coaches over 12 metres long
  • speed limits for special types of vehicles that are overweight or oversized
  • speed limits can be changed by signs
  • speed limits are enforced by the police

Updated Rule 126 to ensure readers understand:

  • what tailgating is, how it occurs, why it is dangerous and how to avoid it
  • dangerous and careless driving offences, such as tailgating, are enforced by the police
  • safe distances between vehicles on icy roads are ten times greater
  • Updated Rule 138 to ensure readers understand:
  • the rule for overtaking also applies to dual carriageways with more than three lanes

For full information, visit the government website.

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