Lancashire School Streets

Lancashire County Council Road Safety Team have piloted its first School Street at The Willows Catholic Primary School in Kirkham, which is at the end of a residential cul-de-sac.

School Street is a road outside a school with a temporary restriction on motorised traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times.

Local Authorities have powers to use traffic regulation orders to turn a street into a pedestrian and cycle zone and this creates a School Street.

This can help to:

  • Increase walking, scooting, cycling and active lifestyles for pupils and parents/carers
  • Reduce congestion outside school at peak times to enable social distancing
  • Reduce vehicular movement that can put children at risk of harm
  • Improved air quality due to the reduction in vehicular traffic

The School Street has now been in place on Victoria Road, Kirkham since 14th September 2020. Bob Wylde, deputy head teacher said

“School had issue with people parking where they shouldn’t and driving inappropriately down Victoria Road.

School were receiving 2-3 complaints a week from residents and parents about the danger of the road. 

Since the closure has been in place children can now come to school safely, and I am not having to spend my time dealing with these complaints. 

After initially having to remind children that they must use the pavements as the road is still open, I now feel that this is a safe environment for children to be. 

If other schools are in a location where a School Street could be implemented I would advise them to go for it as achieving a safe environment for children is all we want to achieve”. 

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