Cycle to work day

The UK’s biggest celebration of cycle commuting is back on Thursday 3rd August – why not get involved?

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Whether you’ve never cycled before, not ridden in a while or cycle every day, Cycle to Work Day is for you. It’s a day to get in the saddle and experience the brilliant benefits everyday cycling offers – mental, physical and financial – first-hand.

Cycle to Work Day is also a great time to think about how we travel and what impact that has on our environment.

According to the National Travel Survey, the average daily round-trip car commute is 20.9 miles and produces approximately 7.3kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

National estimates suggest that commuting accounts for about a quarter of the UK’s transport emissions, representing 18 billion kg of CO2e per year.

But it’s not just our travel to work and back, we can also give more thought to travel during the working day.

Some journeys absolutely have to be made and in specific vehicles at specific times. But that doesn’t apply to everything. We have an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a better future for our planet.

With benefits of saving money and improving health and well-being too! How often do you think about your travel choices?

  • Does the journey need to be made in the first place?
  • Does the journey need to be made by car?
  • What are the alternative options?
  • Can you car share?
  • Is a pool car available (is an electric vehicle available)?

Car Share isn’t just about travelling to work:

  • Do you know who is also attending your meeting or appointment? You can use Outlook to see if there are any fellow attendees who are based at the same site as you, or you can contact the person who has arranged the meeting and ask if they know of anyone who you could share with.
  • Are you arranging a meeting or appointment? Inform staff of possible opportunities to share when you send out the meeting request.

Don’t forget Smart Travel Planning. You may be able to combine meetings or appointments to reduce the amount of travel.

  • Are you travelling near to or past any other sites that you intend to visit at another time? By arranging meetings or appointments smartly, you can travel from one to another.
  • If people are travelling from numerous sites for your meeting or appointment, can the meeting be held at a more central location rather than at your base?
  • If you are planning a meeting, can it be held at the beginning or end of the day so that people can travel to or from home? This might reduce their overall travel for the day.


And lastly, remember with Cycle to Work Day, you have a chance to win:

It’s simple – log a ride on the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community on Cycle to Work Day for your chance to win.

Join Love to Ride – create your free profile.
Sync up – connect an activity app to your account.
Record your ride – log a bike ride on 3rd August and you’ll be entered into their prize draw.

Plus, set a cycling goal, share photos and high-five other riders!

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