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Article from RSGB News 30/10/2018

Three new re-education courses for traffic offenders will be introduced later this week, following a review of content and delivery methods.

The review was conducted by UKROEd – the organisation responsible for the National Speed Awareness Course and other driver education courses for low-end offenders across the UK.

Key changes include the introduction of new versions of the National Speed Awareness, ‘What’s Driving Us’ and ‘Safe, Considerate Driving’ courses.

A streamlining of the courses on offer sees an end to the current ‘NSAC 20’ 20mph speed awareness course and the ‘Driving 4 Change’ course.

Information relating to 20mph speed awareness will be included within the standard National Speed Awareness Course, and people who may previously have been offered ‘Driving 4 Change’ may now be offered the ‘What’s Driving Us’ course.

The new National Speed Awareness Course features a series of specially commissioned videos and animations – including a six-minute video tackling speed and stopping distances.

In addition, all courses will be centrally collated to ensure consistency and quality across all providers.

Dr Fiona Fylan, who heads the UKROEd course development unit, says the new courses are based on the latest research and have undergone ‘robust and extensive’ evaluation.

Dr Fylan said: “The current courses received a ringing endorsement from the highly-respected Ipsos MORI research group earlier this year, but we needed to know whether there was anything new in our understanding of driver behaviour and effective ways of changing it.

“This important process allows us to demonstrate that these new courses are ‘fit for purpose’.

“Before a course is rolled out nationally, it is piloted in a controlled environment. Changes can then be made before it is officially launched as a national NDORS course.

“We also made a commitment to take the course delivery to a new level of quality and engagement.

“That’s why we have included a suite of custom-made videos, animations and other resources that make the courses more enjoyable, client-focused and interactive.

“After all, If people are enjoying being there, then they are more willing to see and absorb a different point of view.”

Jerry Moore, UKROEd chief executive, said: “It is our responsibility to provide all trainers with the very best and appropriate presentations to ensure the courses are at the highest quality, consistent throughout the UK, and meet the needs of those attending.

“This new line-up of courses represents a significant iteration of our material and we hope the update will be welcome by the public who attend and benefit from courses.”

Research conducted earlier this year showed drivers who take a speed awareness course are as much as 23% less likely to reoffend in the six months after a first offence, compared to those who accept the fine and points.

The new courses will come into use on Thursday 1 November.

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