New Maps Launched

Lancashire County Council have commissioned Pindar Creative to create an online portal that allows schools across Lancashire to produce their own sustainable travel leaflet. The aim of the project is to encourage children and parents to walk more by providing them with a map of the area around school.

Templates have been created for both primary and high schools; users can add up to two isochromes to indicate walking times to and from school. Icons can be added to the map which show crossings, no-parking zones, and Park & Stride locations in the locality. The maps can be shared with parents and carers in PDF format on the school’s website or professionally printed to hand out to parents.

The initiative aims to encourage people to walk more, improving levels of health and fitness, while reducing congestion and parking issues outside school, minimising air pollution for the school community and local residents.

The project was launched at Park Primary School in Colne during Road Safety Week (19-25 November) and members of the School Council presented pupils and staff with a site-specific Walkzone map. The map encourages parents to park away from the school and enjoy a short walk with their child.

Members of the School Council also conducted a hands up survey asking pupils how they currently travel to school. This will allow council members to monitor whether more pupils walk or cycle to school in the future. They also presented an assembly on the importance of staying safe when walking to school, which included advice about bright/florescent clothing during daylight and reflecting clothing or accessories during darkness. The assembly was attended by Councillor Turner and Suzi Fielding from Lancashire County Council’s Safe and Healthy Travel Team.

Mr Farry, Year 5 teacher said: “Weeks in the planning, our School Councillors walked the route around our schools 5/10 minute walk zone, they identified crossings and potential safe parking zones away from our school. The School Councillors were deeply immersed in Road Safety Week trying to make a success of our Travelling to School project.

“The children were really proud of presenting their hard work at the launch assembly on Wednesday morning (21st November). they feel with the walkzone maps being sent home to parents, that this can have a real impact on the local environment and overall safety and wellbeing of our children in the future.”

Example map: pindar

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