Our aim is to make Lancashire a safe place to travel through educating road users.
Below is a collection of key information and resources for all ages.
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Road Sense

Road Sense is the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Year 6 road safety package which looks at the transition from primary to high school.

Lancashire Safer Schools Moodle

The Safer Schools Moodle is a platform where all educational establishments within Lancashire County Council can access road safety and active travel resources for children and young people. Schools can access all resources using their unique login details. Parents can freely view the Parent and Parking sections without a login. If you are a school and require access please email the road safety team at safertravelteam@lancashire.gov.uk

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Save Your Skin

Save Your Skin is a campaign aimed to promote the use of protective clothing for use whilst riding a motorbike or moped.

Fatal 5

Let’s Look Out For Each Other

Let’s look out for each other sets out to give tips as to what you can do as a parent to support your child’s development of road safety education and help keep them safe when out and about.

The resources consist of a leaflet with tips and advice for parents. Also, there is a downloadable poster, which can be used as a reminder to look out for each other.

Theatre in Education

Moving to Secondary School is a big change. One of the major changes is travelling further distances and doing so independently. By now, students should have good road safety knowledge, however it is not always put into action due to a variety of factors such as distractions, peer pressure or travelling on autopilot. Theatre in Education aims to tackle this through a multimedia performance, followed by workshops and teaching materials based on being ‘streetwise’ and paying full attention to the roads.
Please direct all enquiries to safertravelteam@lancashire.gov.uk

Travel for Life

Travel for Life aims to help older drivers stay safe and independent road users for longer.

Let’s Be Safe Out and About

Let’s be safe out & about is a board game that teaches pedestrian road safety in a fun and interactive way. A perfect resource for wet play time.

Scoot Safe

Scoot safe is a project designed to teach children how to safely ride their scooters. Once they have learnt these skills, scooting can be promoted as a safe and active method of transport to and from school.


BikeSafe is a national scheme run by police forces across the UK. The courses cover aspects pertinent to motorcyclists such as hazard perception, cornering, road positioning, filtering, group riding and first on scene training followed by an observed ride out.

SafeDrive StayAlive

SafeDrive StayAlive is a road safety session for college age learners where the audience hear first hand real life stories from the emergency services and a bereaved parent about the real life consequences of risk taking behaviour on the roads.

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    Megan's Story - A tyre safety film

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    Megan's Story

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    SafeDrive StayAlive

    Information document on the SafeDrive StayAlive initiative.


Walking Bus

Walking Bus aims to promote active travel to and from school whilst easing congestion and helping children to stay fit and healthy. A group of children with adult volunteers and staff meet at a safe place and walk to school along a planned route.

Wasted Lives

Wasted Lives is an award winning education programme that targets young drivers and their passengers. Delivered by fire fighters, each session challenges beliefs on speed, seatbelts, mobile phones, drink and drug driving resulting in safer attitudes towards risk taking behaviour on the roads.


Bikeability aims to make children more aware of the responsibilities associated with cycling and owning a bike. It aims to develop the necessary skills required to deal with certain traffic situations, whilst teaching cyclists to use the road in a safe and confident way.

It is split into two levels; level 1 & 2 – delivered in a traffic free environment, teaching the basics from balance and control to how to correctly turn and signal. Level 2 – conducted on relatively quiet local roads with only light traffic. The course involves training with a final assessment. There is a level 3 available for high school age.

The course is delivered by qualified instructors (2 national or bikeability qualified in charge of 12 children per session)

Book a course by emailing safertravelteam@lancashire.gov.uk

Park & Stride

Park & Stride aims to promote active travel whilst easing congestion and helping children to stay fit and healthy. The concept is to park within walking distance from school and walk, scoot or cycle the remaining part of the journey. It is for children who live a little too far away to walk to school but allows them to get that all important active start to the day.

In-Car Seat Safety

In-car safety information aims to heighten awareness among parents and carers of the dangers of incorrectly fitted car seats, using inappropriate car seats for the child’s weight and transporting children who are unrestrained. A series of car checking events are delivered across Lancashire, where you can go along & have your child car seat checked for correct fitting and sizing.

Little Safety Stars

Little Safety Stars is an introduction to pedestrian safety for children aged 0-5. The project aims to teach basic road safety skills in an early years setting. The resources below can help teach and support key messages.

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