Road deaths highlighted

Lancashire Road Safety Partnership and Lancashire Constabulary are highlighting the impact of lives lost on the county’s roads in a new exhibition which will tour the county. 

The 59 shoes project highlights the number of people who died on Lancashire’s roads in just one year, using a mixture of pairs of shoes, including bike boots, cycle shoes and children’s shoes, to represent each victim. The 59 pairs of shoes represent:

·         14 pedestrians

·         4 cyclists

·         13 riders

·         17 drivers

·         11 passengers –  of which two were children

Some of the fatalities could have been prevented. There are five main contributory factors that cause serious road traffic collisions. These are known as the Fatal Five. The Fatal Five Factors are:

·         Mobile Phone use

·         Drink/drug driving

·         Not using a seat belt

·         Speeding

·         Careless driving

Find out more about the fatal 5 here


Sue Bushell, Chief Inspector of Lancashire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Team said: “We have worked together with the victims’ families to create this project, with some of the shoes used in the exhibition having once belonged to the people who have died.

“Lancashire Road Safety Partnership works with bereaved families across the county who wish to raise awareness of the fatal five to ensure that no other families have to unnecessarily lose loved ones on the county’s roads.

“The 59 shoes exhibition is a stark visual demonstration of the number of lives lost needlessly on roads in Lancashire in one year and we hope that through this unique approach, we will be able to educate people as to the danger and impact of the fatal five.”


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