School Road Watch

Four junior road safety officers from Bispham Endowed Church of England Primary School have taken significant steps to make the roads around their school safer.

The four youngsters have been supported by PC Mike Schouteten to detect drivers speeding close to their school. Using a police speed laser device, drivers who failed to obey the 30mph limit were pulled over and spoken to by the children about their driving behaviour.

The 4 young officers have done road safety activity in their school throughout the year including assemblies, poems, poster displays and competitions. The children said they feel unsafe, scared and frightened when drivers speed near their school and wanted to plead to the drivers to take extra care.

When asked about the day, the children said:

“It was good to explain why they [drivers] need to be slow”

“The lady was really sorry and has learnt from us”

Initiatives like this go hand in hand with road safety education that schools across the county receive from the delivery partners of the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety.

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