National seat belt week!

Last week across the country road safety teams focussed on the non wearing of seat belts, but we also know there are a lot of children who are in the wrong seat for their age, weight and height.

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership and local PCSOs worked with some Lancashire schools to check children’s heights to see if they need a car seat or a seatbelt to travel.

Some parents/carers are still unaware that all children under 135cms tall or under the age of 12 have to be in an appropriate car seat when they travelling by car. There are common fitting mistakes which can interfere with how car seats are designed to work so please check your instructions regularly.

Rhiannon Leeds the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership Coordinator said “The team were out across the county highlighting the importance of using the correct car seat and seat belt. Worryingly around a third of children we saw were no longer in a seat who needed to be. Please never underestimate the importance of using a seat belt correctly”.

During National Seat belt week if your child returned home with a sticker, they were measured and provided with information to try and ensure that they are being transported correctly.  Please check that it matches your travel choices and if you are still unsure then please visit Car Seat Safety Limited who have lots of information and helpful advice on in car safety.

The Child Seat Safety website can be found here and information on a FREE online course here. 


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