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This site is to report concerns about the general speed of vehicles using a Lancashire road. 
*Repeat submissions will be automatically closed*
  1. We won’t reassess sites within 3 years unless there has been major changes to the area. Multiple concerns for the same location will not be addressed. Check that we haven’t already assessed your location here.
  2. This group will only deal with speeding and will ignore other issues. 
  3. Your concern will go to the Lancashire Speed Management Group. This is a county wide group which includes the police, local authorities and the Partnership. For any concerns other than speeding please visit your local authority website.
  4. To make things easier for you to report your concern we have provided an online form to fill in which will ensure that we gather all the information we require to investigate your concerns fully.
  5. Please only submit one location per concern. If you are a group please compile your concerns and submit it only once.
  6. Once we have the information from you we will use casualty, collision and speed data that we hold to determine what action, if any, can be taken.
  7. Please be aware that by submitting your concern this does not mean we will take action. Action is dependent on the results of the assessment which is described below.
  8. After the investigations are completed the results will be published on this website within 4-6 weeks enabling you to see what has been proposed in response to your concerns.
  9. This site is for location based speed concerns only; any isolated dangerous incidents should be reported to the police on 101 or report it online here.


The process we follow in order to prioritise our actions is also explained in a flow chart below so you can see what happens to your report after you have submitted it to us.

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Potential Actions


This can be carried out by static cameras, safety camera enforcement vehicles and police officers. For information on Lancashire cameras click here.

Speed Indicator Devices (SpIDs)

Speed Indicator Devices raise driver awareness of the speed they are travelling at by displaying vehicle speed. They may also display a smiley or sad face depending on whether you are above or below the speed limit.

Temporary Signs

Community Concern Speed Area signs are eye catching signs normally deployed for periods of three months.

Community Road Watch

Community Road Watch involves police working together with local communities at sites where people are concerned about road safety. Volunteers trained by the police identify moving traffic offences such as speeding, mobile phone and seat belt offences.

Community Toolkit

A Community Toolkit is now available.  The toolkit contains a variety of free resources, advice and practical ideas to help you to raise awareness of speeding and safety issues in your local community. You can access the Lancashire County Council’s toolkit here.

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