As a partnership, we want to ensure that all Lancashire residents receive an appropriate response to their speeding concerns

and we continue to risk assess each complaint individually and where necessary, identify the most suitable intervention.


Please note, this site has been designed for public reports of excessive speed on Lancashire roads only; for other concerns, e.g. potholes, signage, double yellow lines and parking, please visit your local authorities website. See links below:


Lancashire County Council – Contact us – Roads, parking and travel

Blackburn with Darwen Council – Contact us

Blackpool Council – Contact us


Please read the information below and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding to make a complaint of excess speed.
  1. For any isolated but dangerous incidents please report directly to the police on 101 or online here
  2. To make things easier for you, we have provided an online form which will prompt you for specific details to ensure we have all the necessary information to consider your concern.
  3. Please submit one location per concern.   You can monitor the status of your concern here. 
  4. We will use existing data or where necessary, arrange for up-to-date speed count data to determine what action, if appropriate, can be taken. Please see the Potential Actions section below, which outlines the different types of responses we will consider.
  5. We may not be able to action every concern, and this will very much depend on the level of detail you provide and the results of our assessment.
  6. For 20 mph limits (not zones) we will consider if Community Road Watch is appropriate, although CRW will not be suitable for all 20 mph roads, as this is dependent on a number of factors.
  7. After our assessment is complete, we will provide an update here.  It generally takes 6-8 weeks under normal circumstances to obtain up to date speed count data, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please tick below to confirm you have read and understood the procedure for concerns.


Potential Actions

Formal Speed Enforcement

This can be performed by Static and Average Speed cameras, Safety Camera (mobile) enforcement, and Police Officers, both Neighbourhood and Specialist Operations Roads Policing.

Community Road Watch (CRW)

CRW involves Neighbourhood teams working alongside local community volunteers at 20mph limit sites, where people are concerned about road safety. The volunteers are trained by the police to identify moving traffic offences such as excess speed, mobile phone and seat belt/child restraint offences.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

The VMS are designed to raise a driver’s awareness of the speed limit and provide messages to slow traffic speeds. They are not used to detect speeding violations in order to prosecute drivers.

Speed Indicator Devices (SpIDs)

SpIDs are also used to raise driver awareness of the speed they are travelling at by displaying the vehicle’s speed. They may also display a smiley or sad face depending on whether you are above or below the speed limit.

Temporary Signs

Where formal speed enforcement is not deemed appropriate, your local authority may erect temporary signs, which are eye catching and aimed at reducing speeds.

Community Toolkit

Where formal speed enforcement or CRW is not deemed appropriate, residents concerned about speed in their area can consult the Community Toolkit.  This toolkit contains a variety of free resources, advice and practical ideas to help you to raise awareness of speeding and safety issues in your local community.

You can access the Lancashire County Council’s toolkit here.

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