The New Normal

When Lancashire entered lockdown and begun its fight against Covid-19, we saw a drop of over approximately 70% in the volume of traffic on our roads, but an increase in the level of speeding across the county. People have been listening to the Government advice and staying home to protect the NHS and to save lives.

As traffic started to increase again over the last few weeks we’ve been working in Partnership with Lancashire Police as part of Operation Manta Ray; aiming to reduce harm on the roads by focusing on the Fatal 5.

Since the beginning of May 2020 we have witnessed:

On the M65 in East Lancashire a car approaching roadworks was recorded travelling at a speed of 145mph. Another overtook an unmarked police car at 105mph.

Our static yellow cameras across the county detected drivers choosing to travel at 60mph, 67mph, 65mph, 81mph ALL in 30mph limits! Over double the legal speed limit. Putting pedestrians as well as road users at risk of harm and injury.

A vehicle was recorded travelling along the M55 out of Blackpool at a speed of 101mph in a 70mph limit, whilst another driver travelling along the same stretch stopped for speeding by Lancashire Police had no licence or insurance.

We have seen even more cases of vehicles exceeding the speed limits in 30 and 40mph limits, with one driver, who has been referred to court, recorded travelling at a speed of 100mph in a 30mph limit on Manchester Road in Baxenden.

Our deployment of safety camera enforcement vehicles across the county is based on emerging community concerns, specific intelligence of locations with speeding behaviour on our roads as well as continuing to serve the locations with collision histories.

Our lives have changed dramatically over the last few months, as we wait for things to change further and for a “new normal” to emerge: a time where 2 meter social distancing, working from home, the closure of bars and restaurants and daily exercise with our households is now our way of life.

But, one part of the “old normal” has remained the same – the speed limits, these have not changed.

Higher speeds on our roads will lead to more collisions, which leads to more casualties which will put more pressure on our NHS.

Please, play your part in keeping our communities safe, to reduce the risk of collisions and injuries and reduce the pressure on our NHS. We enforce to ensure compliance with the speed limit.

Remember – the world may have changed, but the speed limits have not.


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